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687 S. Hobart Blvd. Unit C
Los Angeles, CA 90005 (Mon-Fri 7-6 Sat-Sun 7:30-6)


The Story

Alchemist Coffee Project is more than just a coffee shop; it is a place where coffee lovers gather to experience the art and culture of coffee. Over the past decade,coffee has evolved from a simple daily caffeine fix to a prominent part of our cultureand entertainment. We take great pride in contributing to this evolution by offering aunique and memorable experience to our customers.

Our Mission

At Alchemist Coffee Project, our passion for our craft drives everything we do.We take pride in ensuring that each and every one of our customers not only enjoys what they receive but truly loves it. Our priority is to create an environment where people feel good when they visit our shop - a seemingly simple yet challenging task. However, we are confident that we stand among the very few coffee shops capable of consistently delivering exceptional quality, service, speed, and hospitality. As a result, the majority of our customers become loyal regulars who return to us time and time again. Before Alchemist, I struggled to find a coffee shop that met all of my needs. Some offered good coffee but lacked food options, while others had food but compromised on coffee quality.There were also places that simply lacked the inviting ambiance for people to truly enjoy their time. Our ultimate goal is to provide all of these elements at the highest possible standard.This is precisely what Alchemist Coffee Project represents.We remain committed to bridging the gap between the intricate craft of ceremonial coffee culture and the accessible trends and preferences of the wider consumer base.